Paul Mason






Having been involved in the movie and television business for over 40 years Paul Mason is as excited and enthused about this ever-evolving industry since he first wrote King Kong Versus Godzilla and added his voice to the sound track during dubbing of the movie. With emerging technologies allowing the industry to go places it has never gone before, Paul has not only seen the development from celluloid to digital, he has been at the forefront of some of the major leading-edge initiatives.

From twice being awarded Fame Magazine's Critic Award for writing and producing the best television series for the much-loved TV hit MacMillan and Wife through to establishing the Original Movie Division of Viacom, Showtime, Paul has worked with some of the biggest names in the business. His latest feature Hachiko starring Hollywood veteran Richard Gere, recently opened to rave reviews in Toyko, Japan, and is expected to receive equal acclaim as it reaches cinemas across the globe throughout 2009.

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Currently in development Paul is working on another major feature about the life and times of iconic Australian folk hero, Alby Mangels, Australia's original wild man and wildlife warrior.

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He recently completed The Road From Elephant Pass, which his good friend, Chandran Rutnam, directed. It was filmed in Sri Lanka in the Singhalese language and and is expected to qualify for the best foreign film of 2009.

The Road From Elephant Pass is not yet available on DVD. Check back soon!